Austria is known globally for its amazing landscapes and vibrant people and cities. Austria is also known for having some of the best universities in the world. Even though small in size, Austria has a significant impact on the planet. Given the standards of education in this country, it is gradually becoming an educational hub for overseas students.

Why Pursue Higher Studies in Austria

Austria is a land-locked country sharing borders with some significant European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, and Italy, giving you ample economic and social growth exposure. Additionally, with its world-class universities, the Austrian government offers free education for EU students and considerable financial support to students from faraway countries.

Benefits of Studying in Austria

Austria is one of the best locations for overseas students to pursue their graduation and masters because of its quality education and vibrant culture and life. Here are some of the primary reasons and benefits listed below why Austria is becoming a hotspot for overseas students

Inexpensive Fee Structure

The Austrian universities are inexpensive in terms of fee structure. Education in Austria is free for European students, while it is considerably cheap for non-European students compared to other major study-abroad European nations. In addition, you can apply for Erasmus funding to help you while your stay in Austria, which takes off the financial pressure to a large extent.

Relaxed Education System

The education system in Austria is relaxed more than the other European nations. In general, the degree courses take three to five years to complete; however, you have no technical restrictions to meet them in the defined time. You can take time as long as you want to finish the courses.

It means the students in Austria are less stressed and more relaxed than students from other nations.

Excellent Educational Infrastructure

Austria features some of the world’s finest universities. In 2018, seven Austrian universities were featured in the QS World University Rankings, ranking five in the top 500. In addition, Austria has numerous courses that are taught in English, especially post-graduate courses making it easy for international students to understand.

High-Quality Life

Austria is globally recognized for its peaceful standards of living. In 2018, IMD recognized Austria as the best country in the world for its quality of life. Vienna got the high infrastructure, education, and economic stability scores, making this gorgeous European metropolis the best spot to start an academic career.

Excellent Cuisines and Food Culture

The International Food Festival at Vienna’s Der Garten is a beautiful illustration of how popular and accessible various cuisines are in the country. Traditional Austrian food is also a major lure, as it innovates and adapts to accommodate all dietary restrictions. Austria is the ideal spot to visit for food lovers!

Safe and Secure Neighbourhoods

Austria is regarded as one of the world’s safest nations due to its low crime rate, high level of life, and social security it has to offer. In a world full of military and diplomatic tensions, armed wars, and violent protests, living in Austria will not cause you many concerns.

Popular Courses in Austria



Tourism and leisure management




Communication Science



English and American studies



Our Partnered Universities in Austria

Modul University, Vienna

International Business School, Vienna (Except students from Punjab)