Denmark is often regarded as one of the oldest countries in the world. From vibrant metropolis such as Copenhagen to attractive countryside communities, Denmark provides the chance to discover a whole new realm with all available conveniences and luxuries. Apart from all these tourist aspects, Denmark is home to some high-class institutions making it perfect for your overseas education.

Why Pursue Higher Studies in Denmark

Five Danish institutions are ranked in the QS World University Ranking, making Denmark a must-visit for high-quality education. The degrees awarded by universities and colleges in Denmark will be internationally recognized and helpful for satisfying future needs. The academic system and facilities provided by most Danish institutions are well-regarded internationally.

Benefits of Studying in Denmark

Indeed, Denmark is regarded as one of the best nations to live and visit in terms of happiness quotient. The cultural life and its Vikings’ history make it desirable, but here are the top reasons and benefits of choosing Denmark as an overseas student

Interesting Education System

The Danish educational system differs from that of other nations. When you attend a Danish institution, you will find that lectures are given in small groups rather than in a large lecture hall, and you are sure to feel at ease. The educational opportunities in Denmark are worldwide and mix teaching and research. You will get the chance to acquire practical skills and network for future employment.

Excellent Educational Infrastructure

Danish institutions are regarded as one of the best institutions in the world in terms of education and campus life. Denmark has a high percentage of people pursuing representing the importance and quality of education in Danish institutions. Numerous courses are taught in the English language giving the ease of learning to Overseas students from across the globe.

Scholarship Programs

Most Danish universities offer financial aid and scholarships to deserving international students. In addition, there are other ways to claim unique scholarships per your goals and aspirations. Check with your home institution or university to see if it offers fellowships, scholarships, or essay contests that would enable you to receive money for a study abroad program.

Experience The Happiest Country in The World

In April 2016, the World Happiness Report ranked Denmark as the happiest country on the planet. To rank the 156 nations questioned, a committee from the University of British Columbia considered the following factors: high GDP per capita, life expectancy at birth, and absence of leadership corruption. Results from Denmark indicated a high level of gender equality. It adds to the health of both individuals and the environment.

Affordable Living

Compared to the United States and the United Kingdom, living in Denmark is relatively inexpensive. The legal term for social housing in Denmark is a non-profit sector committed to providing affordable, decent, and quality accommodation to the public, with renters possessing the legal right to determine their living circumstances.

High Employment Opportunity

The unemployment rate in Denmark is relatively low, and a Danish degree will place you in a favorable position while seeking employment. Denmark’s unemployment rate is among the lowest in the European Union (less than 5% in the past decade). Additionally, the wages are pretty handsome in Denmark.

Popular Courses in Denmark


Architecture and Design

Economics, Management, and Accounting


Health care services

Hotel and Tourism

Humanities / Social sciences

English and American studies

Our Partnered Universities in Denmark

Aarhus University, Aarhus

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