Vietnam is among the most underestimated countries in Asia for studying abroad. While the country’s track record is still characterized by the War In Vietnam and communist dictatorship, the country’s perseverance and tenacity continue to carry the diverse nation forward. Vietnam has been an attractive study location for overseas students on a spending plan in recent years. In addition to its low cost of living, the nation is rich in culture and populated by hospitable people.

Why Pursue Higher Studies in Vietnam

Vietnam is a vibrant nation whose higher education industry has seen a significant shift over recent years. The nation has a lot to offer for overseas students, including a high level of education, a thriving economy, and many work opportunities. The country provides a wide variety of cheap master’s-level specialties.

Benefits of Studying in Vietnam

Apart from having an intriguing history and a diverse culture, Vietnam has a lot to offer international students as a study-abroad destination. Here are some reasons and benefits of pursuing higher education in Vietnam listed in the section below.

Quality and Diverse Education Programs

Vietnam’s institutions have been known throughout Asia and the rest of the world as time has passed. Vietnam’s universities and colleges provide a diverse array of majors and tracks, from science and technology in Ho Chi Minh City to language and literature at Hanoi University.

Affordable Fee Structure and Cost of Living

Vietnam is an inexpensive study location. It is possible to study and live happily on a student budget. The options for student housing are student dorms, shared apartments, and homestays. Students have several housing alternatives accessible to them. Additionally, travel inside and across the country is simple and inexpensive. You may get around via taxi, bus, or by renting a motorcycle.

Excellent Employment Opportunities

There are several career alternatives for overseas students in Vietnam. Individuals having a degree are engaged in several industries throughout the country and the world. International students wishing to work in Vietnam must possess a valid work visa.

Flexible English Taught Courses

Universities in Vietnam provide English-taught programs, which facilitate the enrollment of overseas students. The term of a master’s degree is adjustable in Vietnamese universities. It can range from 12 to 24 months, allowing students to select a study curriculum according to their preferences.

Vivid Locations and Sceneries

There are several career alternatives for overseas students in Vietnam. Individuals are engaged in several industries. International students wishing to work in Vietnam must possess a valid work visa. You may also take a break and observe the city’s lovely botanical gardens.

Vibrant Social and Cultural Life

Vietnamese culture is a blend of ancient allure, contemporary architecture, and a way of life. Essential characteristics include ancestor worship, respect for family values, the organization of traditional events, and wearing traditional attire. The cuisine culture represents family values and respect and is integral to locals’ daily lives.

Popular Courses in Vietnam

Business Administration

Software Engineering

Economics and Finance

Robotics and Mechatronics


Information and Communication Technology

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Our Partnered Universities in Vietnam

RMIT University, Vietnam Campus

Swinburne University of Technology, Vietnam Campus

FPT University, Vietnam