Japan continues to attract individuals worldwide through its advanced technology and cultural heritage. In recent years, in complement to Japanese language classes, the number of English-taught degree courses at Japanese institutions has increased significantly, making Japan an increasingly attractive study destination. Over the past decade, the number of overseas students enrolling at Japanese institutions has surged by more than 160%.

Why Pursue Higher Studies in Japan

Japan is recognized globally for its disciplined and advanced teaching methods. Additionally, Japan is continuously internationalizing as its firms engage in global competition, resulting in good employment possibilities for graduates. Moreover, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Japan is more reasonable than in many other Developed economies, and there are several scholarship options.

Benefits of Studying in Japan

There are numerous reasons why Japan remains a top destination for overseas studies. Apart from the timeless culture and thrilling modernization in the country, here are some reasons and benefits why Japan is a major attraction as a study-abroad destination

Excellent Quality of Education

The educational infrastructure in Japan is recognized globally for its quality of education. In terms of literature, mathematics, and science, Japan is the best-performing OECD country, with an average score of 529, much more than the OECD average score of 486. In addition, degrees obtained from Japanese universities are recognized globally as all the universities in Japan are regulated by MEXT or the Ministry of Education Science and Technology.

Employment Opportunities

Education in Japan is a culturally significant and distinct experience. It can also serve as a gateway to excellent career prospects. Japanese corporations such as Nintendo, Honda, and Sony have global impact spheres and international offices. Studying in Japan allows you to create important contacts and acquire in-demand language skills. Students in Japan have access to numerous internships, employment, and career options in Japan and throughout the world.

Variety of Programs to Choose From

Japan is a leading destination for international students. There are several study abroad programs in Japan, and you may spend a vacation, a semester, or perhaps your whole academic career in Japan. CIS Abroad and IES Abroad offer various study abroad and internship programs in Japan, giving you ample opportunities to learn and educate in Japan.

Easily Accessible and Well Organized Travel Options

In several Japanese cities, the public transportation system is superior in speed, reliability, and comfort. If you wish to travel around Japan, board a bullet train. Although the trip is rather costly, riding the bullet train in Japan is a must-do! But there are other cheap solutions available to students as well. Additionally, several cities are linked by comfortable overnight buses.

High-Quality Living

The country is quite safe, has an excellent public transit system, and has some of the greatest health insurance coverage in the world. The Japanese people make life in Japan wonderful. Everyone is respectful, hospitable, and courteous. If you want to study here, you will undoubtedly acquire many qualities.

Embrace The Japanese Culture

Although you may recognize substantial cultural differences between Japanese and Western cultures, you may only be able to navigate Japan’s complex cultural landscape after having lived there first. Potential employers may place a high value on comprehending and respecting the culture. If you can smoothly integrate into a Japanese workplace, you will be a desirable candidate.

Popular Courses in Japan

International Liberal Arts

Business Administration

ICT Global Program

Liberal Studies

Social media studies

Political Science

Communication Studies

International Relations

Business Studies

Our Partnered Universities in Japan

Tokyo International University ,Shinjuku, Tokyo

Kudan Institute of Japanese language & Culture, Tokyo