Mauritius, an island republic located in the southern Indian Ocean off the southern shore of the African continent, is regarded as one of the wealthiest nations in Africa. The country has seen a dramatic shift due to its expanding industrial, financial, and tourism sectors. Mauritius is one of the most breathtaking tourist destinations and a multi-religious nation that provides an excellent platform for your foreign study.

Why Pursue Higher Studies in Mauritius

Due to the country’s reputation for social, economic, and political stability, studying in Mauritius is quite popular. It provides a broad range of programs to meet your interests and gives unparalleled chances. Mauritius is among the finest spots in Southern Asia for studying a comprehensive academic program.

Benefits of Studying in Mauritius

Mauritius is known as a great vacation stop because of its beautiful beaches and wonderful blue waters. But, it has great reasons and benefits for overseas students to pursue their dream courses in this beautiful country. Here are some of the benefits and reasons listed in the section below

High-Quality Educational Infrastructure

The Tertiary Education Commission or TEC in Mauritius encourages plans, develops, and coordinates postsecondary education and executes an overall regulatory framework to attain high international quality. It is also responsible for allocating government money to the Tertiary Educational Facilities within its jurisdiction and ensuring accountability and optimal resource utilization.

Affordable Fee Structure

Compared to the expense of education in numerous other preferred study-abroad destinations such as the UK, France, Germany, or the US, Mauritius offers high-quality education at a relatively affordable price. In addition, Mauritius offers students comprehensive course alternatives based on their qualifications without compromising the quality of education provided to international students.

No Visa Hassles

Visas for students who plan to attend Mauritius school can be obtained without difficulty. In addition, students may relax and avoid the stress of visa interviews – yes, you read it correctly: No Visa Interviews! Students must only pay their first-course price installment once they receive a valid visa.

Diversity in Courses

In several subjects, students can pursue advanced degrees such as Masters, Diplomas, and Postgraduate Certificates in their field or course. Universities include business visits and often host workshops and seminars, providing students with a rich educational experience. As a result of these initiatives, students can study beyond the typical course material to be career-ready.

Diverse and Vibrant Culture

Scholars from around the world travel to Mauritius to continue their education, so if you plan to stay on campus, you will encounter a variety of cultures. Although Mauritian Creole is the official language of Mauritius, English is commonly spoken. You would be surprised to learn that Mauritius hosts a substantial Indian diaspora.

Affordable Living Expenses

The cost of living in Mauritius is relatively cheaper than the other famous study-abroad destinations. Numerous institutions are known to offer on-campus housing. Students attending institutions that do not offer houses can rent cheap apartments with other students. If you wish to immerse yourself in the native culture, you can also stay with host families.

Popular Courses in Mauritius

Information Technology


Engineering, Administration


Business Management


Hotel Management



Computer Science

Our Partnered Universities in Mauritius

Middlesex University, Mauritius Campus