Due to its rich historical context and social heritage, learning in Poland may provide students with a comprehensive European education. Well over a million students are enrolled in Polish institutions, with more than 50,000 of them being overseas students. The rising number of foreign students in Poland is attributable to the country’s rapidly expanding industry, increased quality of higher education, and excellent living conditions.

Why Pursue Higher Studies in Poland

As a study-abroad destination, Poland is rated 9 out of 10 in terms of international student satisfaction. It is the fifth most popular country among overseas study countries. Eleven Polish universities were nominated for the international student satisfaction awards. Apart from top-notch institutes and universities, Poland has one of the best landscapes, city life, vibrant culture, wonderful social life, and historical monuments.

Benefits of Studying in Poland

Poland has some fantastic benefits for international students, including the low fee structure of universities, affordable living, and incredible social life. Here are some of the benefits of studying in Poland highlighted in the section below

Excellent Educational Infrastructure

Polish universities are renowned for their strict and high-quality educational infrastructure. There are more than 400 top-notch institutions and universities in Poland, making it desirable for pursuing higher studies among international students. The Polish Universities follow the Bologna process establishing the trademark of quality education; thus, the degrees attained are highly valued throughout the globe.

Affordable Fee Structure

The fee structure of Polish universities is considered cheaper than the other popular study-abroad destinations in Europe, such as France, the UK, or Germany. The fee structure is not only cheaper but more than reasonable when it comes to the quality of education provided in Polish institutions.

Affordable Living Expenditures

Living costs are a significant consideration while pursuing overseas education in a particular country. Poland has decent living expenditures without making any compromises in terms of quality of living. Transportation is also pretty cheap and affordable. The cost of renting a flat lies between 100 to 200 euros a month, which can also be shared, making it relatively inexpensive.


Poland offers many government-funded and university-based scholarships to EU and non-EU students. Several organizations offer scholarships, including the government, charities, and colleges. There are several scholarship programs, including those for nationals of developing nations, and the eastern European partnership countries sponsor most of them.

Excellent Culture and People

Poland’s great leaders and individuals have enormously contributed to music, art, technology, philosophy, and literature. Poland’s culture is a cornerstone of Western civilization and is characterized by its splendor. The people of Poland welcome foreigners with an open heart and a chance to experience cultural advancement in both social and economic activities.

Part-Time Job Opportunities

The Polish government allows international students to pursue part-time jobs like most European nations. Students can work up to 20 hours a week during semesters and up to 40 hours every week during breaks and holidays. Additionally, you don’t need a work permit in Poland if you have a student visa.

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