Hungary is gaining in popularity as an overseas study destination as it has gained a great deal of respect over the years and has an extremely long history in the sciences, especially medicine. In addition to its outstanding education, Hungary provides a vibrant and hospitable culture, a rich past, and attractive cities.

Why Pursue Higher Studies in Hungary

In numerous university rankings, Hungarian institutions have attained a high place, and Hungarian qualifications are recognized internationally for their excellence. In 1999, Hungary was one of the 29 states that signed the Bologna Declaration, affirming that graduates and students could utilize past qualifications from one country as entry requirements for continued study in another. So, you can understand Hungary’s importance and attention to the educational system.

Benefits of Studying in Hungary

With the lowest living costs in Europe, Hungary has some excellent benefits for international students. In the section below, we have highlighted some of those benefits

Degree Having Global Recognition

As Hungary is part of the European Union and has contributed severely to the educational world, having a degree from the nation is recognized internationally and directly transferable to any country in the EU. Hungary is renowned globally for its scientific investigations, especially in the departments of medicine, dentistry, and computational Biology.

Less competition for Admissions and Scholarships

Fewer people are aware of the quality of education in Hungary, although many overseas students from all over the world study there. As competition is low, gaining admission to even Hungary’s most prestigious colleges is simpler. Additionally, you have increased scholarship opportunities. To lure overseas students, colleges in Hungary provide generous scholarships.

Cheaper Tuition Fees and Cost of Living

Compared to other European countries, tuition fees at Hungarian institutions are pretty low. However, the fee structure for medicine and dentistry courses is slightly higher than for other courses. Moreover, students living in Hungary are exceptionally economical. They are considering lodging, food, transportation, and other factors.

No Need to Clear IELTS and TOEFL

Admission to universities in Hungary does not require IELTS or TOEFL certification. If you plan to enroll in an English-Taught programme, you must comprehensively understand the English language. In addition, you have the choice to study Hungarian or German languages as well.

Part-Time Job Opportunities

The Hungarian government allows students above sixteen to work as student workers at the same wage and avail of benefits as regular employees. However, the total labor days should be at most ninety and fifteen days per year.

Popular Courses in Hungary

Advanced Design for Sustainability

International Summer University Course

ICT Security Expert

Computer Graphics and Visualization

Finance and Accounting

Architectural Design Software

Higher education in business administration and management (Business Administration and Management)

Advanced Design For Sustainability Visual Studies

Computational Biology and Medicine

Our Partnered Universities in Hungary

University of Pécs, Pécs

University of Debrecen, Debrecen

International Business School (IBS), Budapest (Except students from Punjab)

Budapest Metropolitan University of Applied Science, Budapest