China is the third most popular country for studying abroad after the UK and the US, justified by the top global ranks of Chinese universities and scholarships offered by the Chinese government. As a result of China’s emergence as an economic giant, proficiency in the Chinese language and, indeed, the value gained by speaking Chinese are becoming increasingly vital in terms of a successful global career.

Why Pursue Higher Studies in China

Education in China will teach you skills such as language, cultural adaptation, communication, independence, and insights into Chinese culture. By studying in China, one not only gets a Resume with international exposure but also students can exhibit their knowledge of the Chinese market and their adaptability to various cultures and surroundings.

Benefits of Studying in China

China is indeed one of the top destinations for studying abroad. Apart from the quality of education and employment opportunities, there are numerous reasons for an international student to study in China. The section below highlights some of the top reasons and benefits of studying in China

Diversity in Courses

There are several programs to pick from based on your requirements and interests. CIS Abroad, ISA, and AIFS provide semester programs in various locations around the nation, while IES Abroad provides a summer program for students unable to take a whole season off. A course is offered for each respective field and subject a student can aspire to and dream of in Chinese institutions.

Excellent Quality of Education

The academic credentials conferred by Chinese institutions are recognized in most developed nations. China strives to construct more universities of international caliber and invests extensively in higher education. In addition to its language, calligraphy, martial arts, and other cultural themes, China is renowned for its degree programs in engineering, science, medicine, economics and commerce, MBA, and finance.

Employment Benefits

All the top 500 corporations in the world conduct business with China, with many locating their Regional headquarters in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, providing you with ample employment opportunities. China is a massive market for international organizations, and recruiters are well informed that a genuine grasp of China, Chinese culture, and Chinese people is a significant asset for individuals who aspire to become the next generation of global leaders.

Experience Chinese Culture

Chinese people and culture are extraordinarily diversified and cosmopolitan, including 56 distinct ethnic groups. Chinese people have lived in communal peace for thousands of years, practicing a variety of faiths ranging from Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, and Islam to lesser-known religions such as Tibetan Buddhism. Living and engaging with local Chinese and immersing yourself in Chinese culture will give you a fresh perspective and a profound understanding of life.


Chinese institutions provide numerous scholarships and financial aid programs to overseas students. The Chinese government is stepping up its attempts to give more scholarships to overseas recruits. Last year, 40 percent of overseas students who had just begun their studies in China got government funding.

Learn Mandarin

While language training might be helpful, immersion is the best way to become proficient! Mandarin Chinese is generally hailed as one of the most beneficial languages to learn for future employment, especially if you intend to work in international commerce or finance. According to a survey done by UNESCO, Mandarin Chinese is the most commonly spoken language in the world.

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