Financial Estimation

The financial team at Eduglobal does extensive research about the fee structure and the overall course fees of a university or college as they are subjected to change over time. Additionally, we help you with the scholarships and waive-off programs at a particular university. Upon qualification, we support the students with documents and the overall process for availing the scholarships.

Financial Estimation with us comprises everything that has economic importance concerning your studies in foreign institutions. It includes the overall course fees, estimating the finances of students’ families, education loan facilities and interest rates offered by various banks, and the scholarships and waive-off programs carried out by the various universities/ colleges.

After estimating the fees and scholarships, we evaluate the financial stature of the students’ families concerning education expenditures. We also help you with the education loan programs offered by the various Banks and their interest rates.

Note: The Scholarship programs are for genuinely deserving candidates. The final decision for scholarship solely depends upon the concerned university.