The cultural diversity and rich history of Germany, along with the vibrant lifestyle and high education standards, are the major attractions for international students. Currently, Germany has more than hundreds of thousands of international students from across the globe pursuing their dream careers.

Why Pursue Higher Studies in Germany

Germany is known for its technological advancements, justified by the increasing number of international students yearly. German universities rank among the top universities in the world, providing top-quality education and excellent industry knowledge. Also, if you study in Germany, you have a high chance of quality employment post-completion of your degree, maintaining a low cost of living all along.

Benefits of Studying in Germany

Germany is ranked among the top destinations to pursue your higher studies. Here are some of the benefits mentioned in the section below why you shall consider studying in Germany

High-Quality Education

German universities are ranked among the top universities in the world. They are globally recognised for the quality of education they provide. They also have great infrastructure along with an excellent faculty. In fact, as per the QS World University Rankings, 3 German Universities rank in the Top 100.

Diversity in Courses

If you wish to pursue higher studies in Germany, you can choose courses designed to cover all your aspirations. German Universities have numerous courses covering interests of all respective fields.

Part Time Job Opportunities

The German government allows you to work upto 20 hours a week and 120 total days in a calendar year. You can easily find part-time jobs, but you need to apply for a work permit if you don’t belong to the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

Affordable Living

Germany’s cost of living is quite affordable compared to the other European nations. The food and transportation costs are also budget-friendly for international students.

Visa-Free Europe Travel

If you have a German student visa, you can travel across Europe without applying for a Visa. This would be a great opportunity along with the studies for students who love travel and exploration.

Popular Courses in Germany

Medicine and Dentistry

Industrial Engineering

Mathematics and Computer Science

Business and Economics




Natural Sciences


Philosophy and the Humanities

Our Partnered Universities in Germany

Jacobs University, Bremen

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, and Hamburg

Hochschule Bremen – International Graduate Centre, Bremen

EBS University, Wiesbaden

International School of Management, Dortmund

International University of Applied Sciences, Berlin and Bad Honnef

CBS International Business School, Cologne

Arden University, Berlin

GISMA Business School Hochschule, Hanover

GISMA University of Applied Sciences GmbH, Berlin

New European College, Munich

EU Business School, Munich

Accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg – University of Applied Sciences, Bad Homburg

Berlin School of Business and Innovation, Berlin

University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Hamburg

Navitas – Lancaster University, Leipzig

EIIE Eurasia Institute for International Education GmbH, Berlin (Except students from Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana)